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Andrew Woodmansey enjoyed many caravan holidays as a child. After a 20 year international career in finance and leisure development, Andrew settled in Australia to help develop and improve leisure and community facilities around Sydney Harbour, including the world’s first urban campground on Cockatoo Island.  Andrew has written articles for the Sydney Morning Herald and Australian Leisure Management magazine, run his own tourism consultancy and has worked at the Sydney Opera House and Charles Darwin University. He has been to more caravan shows than he cares to remember.


About The Editor

Collyn on Unicycle

Collyn Rivers is an ex-RAF ground radar engineer and motor industry research engineer. Collyn founded the worldwide electronics publication ‘Electronics Today International’ as well as over twenty other publications in electronics, computing, music and telecommunications. He was a technology editor of The Bulletin and wrote the Federal Government’s Guide to Information Technology. Today Collyn is a leading Australian authority on caravan stability and RV suspension and electrical systems.

Collyn’s current books are Campervan & Motorhome Book, The Camper Trailer Book,  Caravan & Motorhome  Electrics, Solar That Really Works, and Solar Success for home and properties.

Collyn’s books are available for sale on the Caravan and Motorhome Books website.


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