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Flinders Ranges, SA

One of the many reasons to go caravanning in Australia – Flinders Ranges, SA

To give you an idea of the contents of the Caravan Buyers Guide, here are the chapter headings:

  1. To Buy or Not to Buy a Caravan?
  2. Recreational Vehicle Types
  3. Caravan Types
  4. Buying a Caravan in Five Steps
  5. Getting to Know the Outside of Your Caravan
  6. Getting to Know the Inside of Your Caravan
  7. Caravan Power
  8. Caravan Weight
  9. Caravan Accessories
  10. Caravan Paperwork
  11. Towing a Caravan
  12. Living on the Road
  13. The Caravan of the Future

Each chapter is illustrated or supported by tables, graphs and charts. Simple, easy to understand English is used throughout.

The guide uses information boxes to highlight good advice, links to further information, risks, warnings and product examples. Here’s what the information boxes look like:

Info Boxes