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For the price of a couple of advert-filled caravan magazines, you can now enjoy 200 pages of independent, advert-free caravan buying advice on your digital device.

The Caravan Buyers Guide eBook is available in Adobe PDF format only and cannot be printed. This format is compatible with all digital devices that can read Adobe PDF files. For PC’s and Macs you will need to have Adobe Reader installed. Visit the Adobe website if you need to download Adobe Reader.

To purchase the eBook version only, click on the yellow “Buy Now” button below. You will be directed to the PayPal website for payment by credit card and then redirected to the Caravan Buyers Guide website where you can download the eBook. The size of the eBook is about 26 MB and should take about a minute to download.

The print version of the Caravan Buyers Guide is still available at $34.95 including free postage. To purchase the print version, click here.

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