Buying A Caravan In Five Steps


1- UK Insulation 2 Buying a Caravan

UK caravan insulation label on the left, Australian insulation label on the right. Lack of industry standards can be confusing for Australian caravan consumers.

Australia is one of the best countries in the world to go caravanning. But caravanning is not for everyone. The Caravan Buyers Guide begins by asking you some questions that will help you decide if you’re suited to the caravan lifestyle. The guide also explains some of the caravan buying challenges that faces Australian consumers, including:

  • overwhelming choice
  • increasing costs
  • lack of caravan sales data
  • lack of independent product reviews
  • lack of an industry body to represent caravan consumers
  • lack of standard caravan classifications and terminology
  • variable quality control
  • lack of standard warranty wording

The guide provides insights into the different types of recreational vehicles (RV’s) available including motor homes, camper trailers and the many shapes and sizes of caravan.

A factory visit is a good way to determine van quality
A factory visit is a good way to determine van quality (photo courtesy Avida RV)

Buying a caravan is easy once you’ve decided that a caravan is the best choice for you. The Caravan Buyers Guide takes you through five easy caravan buying steps:

  1. Choose your van type and budget
  2. Do your research
  3. Make a ‘needs’ list
  4. Visit
  5. Decide

Each of these steps is explained in simple, clear language with sample questions for sales people, research suggestions and useful buying tips.