Caravan Accessories


Accessory Collage 1_Small

Starting with the outside of your caravan, the Caravan Buyers Guide explains each of these features using clear illustrations and diagrams:

  • chassis
  • outer skin
  • frame
  • insulation
  • suspension
  • A-frame
  • compliance plate
  • towing hitch
  • wheels and tyres
  • brakes
  • storage
  • water tanks
  • LPG bottles
  • body protection

Moving indoors, the guide walks you through each piece of furniture or appliance, explaining what to look for and what you may or may not need for your own caravan:

  • choosing the best layout for you and your family
  • bed types and sizes
  • cupboards and desks
  • kitchen and dining areas
  • air conditioning and heating
  • lighting, windows, blinds and curtains
  • vents, hatches and skylights
  • entertainment
  • ensuites, toilets and washing machines

The guide has a dedicated section on caravan fridges, one of the most power hungry of caravan appliances, explaining various fridge types and how to use one wisely without draining your caravan battery within 24 hours.

The guide then goes on to illustrate a wide range of caravan accessories including:

  • smoke detectors
  • towing mirrors
  • cameras
  • tyre pressure gauge
  • CB radio
  • satellite phones
  • personal locator beacons
  • navigation and GPS
  • satellite television (‘VAST’)
  • jockey wheels, power movers, blocks and levels
  • anti-theft devices
  • bikes and bike racks
  • awnings and annexes
  • matting
  • 12 volt fans
  • cooking aids and kettles
  • BBQs

The Caravan Buyers Guide helps you to do your homework before you buy your caravan and in the process will improve the chances that you will make a good purchasing decision.