Caravan Makers


There are over 100 brands of caravan available in Australia. The ever changing list of caravan brands for sale in Australia looks something like this:

Accessavan, Adria, Adventura, Airflow, Airstream, Atlantic, Aussiewide, Avan, Bailey, Billabong, Bluesky, Bolwell, Bushmaster, Bushtracker, Cell, Chief, Colorado, Compass, Concept, Coromal, Coronet, Cosy Cab, Creative, Crusader, Designer Vans, Diamond, D R V, Eco Tourer, Elite, Elross, Empire, Evernew, Evolution, Exclusive, Explorex, Extreme, Franklin, Free Spirit, Fulchers, Galaxy, Gemhunter, Goldstream, Golden Eagle, Grand Cruiser, Great Southern, Gunyah, Halen, Humpback, Island Star, Jayco, JB, Jetstar, Jurgens, Karakampa, Kedron, Kingdom, La vista, LA Kustom, Legacy, Legend, Lotus, Majestic, May West, Millard, Montana, Naked RV, New Age, Next, North Coast, Northstar, Nova, Olympic, On the Move, Opalite, Option RV, Orion, Otron, Outback, Paramount, Phoenix, Quantum, Ranger, Regal, Retreat, Rhino, River, Roadstar, Roma, Royal Flair, Sea Breeze, Seachange, SLR, Safari, Spaceland, Spinifex, Streamline, Sunland, Sunrise, Supreme, Swift, Trakmaster, Traveller, Van Cruiser, Vanguard, Western, Windsor and York. (107)

But names alone don’t get you very far, especially if they’re not globally recognised brands. We think it’s important that caravan consumers know how many caravans are made or sold annually by each caravan maker. Knowing how many caravans are sold each year by each maker gives an indication of the manufacturer’s size and the popularity of their products. This information is easily available in Australia for vehicles, so why not caravans?

RVM Australia only publishes total Australian caravan production numbers, and the Australian Bureau of Statistics does not collect caravan sales data.

Over the coming months we’ll be publishing a more detailed list of caravan makers here, but on one condition. The makers listed must first tell us how many caravans they sell each year in Australia. And then they must agree to us publishing this information on this website. So if you’re a manufacturer, please contact us telling us how many caravans a year you sell and we’ll do the rest.

In the meantime, if you’re a consumer, a more detailed list of some (but not all) Australian caravan manufacturers is available at the Caravaners Forum here.