Caravan Weight


Have you ever heard of The Rotating Weightlifter? Or The Double Pendulum effect?

These concepts and many others are used in the Caravan Buyers Guide to explain in simple terms how important weight distribution and mass is to the safe towing of your caravan and what happens if you get it wrong.

Weight is the greatest enemy of the caravan owner – it reduces fuel consumption and increases the risk that the caravan will become unstable at speed.

The Caravan Buyers Guide will show you how to lose weight in your caravan without sacrificing all the creature comforts of home.

Below are four diagrams used in the Caravan Buyers Guide to explain some of the more important caravan weight definitions:


The towball loading is the actual weight on the towball with the caravan connected to the tow vehicle.

Tare Mass is the mass of the caravan as it leaves the manufacturer. Did you know that if you order caravan accessories from a dealer they could form part of your payload allowance rather than form part of the weight of the caravan?

ATM (Aggregate Trailer Mass) is the maximum allowable laden weight of the caravan as assessed by the manufacturer. As an allowance not an actual weight, ATM cannot be weighed.

Payload is the maximum allowance for personal items inside your caravan. It’s calculated by subtracting Tare from ATM. Did you know that any water in your caravan tanks is part of your payload and can easily account for 50% of your allowance?

Read the Caravan Buyers Guide to find out how to avoid falling into the ‘payload trap’.