A desire to learn is a good thing for caravan ownersA desire to learn keeps caravan owners healthy (photo courtesy Tow-Ed)

Some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Caravan Buyers Guide:

Q:           Can I buy the Caravan Buyers Guide in bookshops?

A:            Not yet. We have self-published the guide and are currently seeking a book distributor to help us sell through bookshops and caravan shows.

Q:            What is the Guide’s ISBN number?

A:            Please refer to the ‘Guide Essentials’ at the bottom of the About Us Page.

Q:            Will you be publishing the Caravan Buyers Guide in ebook format?

A:            Yes. As of April 2017, the Caravan Buyers Guide is available in either print or eBook format.

Q:            Is all the information in the guide up to date?

A:            Yes. Although the guide was first published in 2014, it contains timeless information on buying a caravan which applies regardless of market trends and new models.

Q:            Can you tell me which is the best caravan to buy in Australia?

A:            No. This is a complex question that has a different answer for each person. We aim to give you enough detailed information for you to be able to make your own informed decision on which caravan is right for you.

Q:            Which are better, Australian or imported caravans?

A:            Which is better, Ford or GM?

Q:            Where is the best place to buy a caravan?

A:            Dealerships are good if you want personal service and live near to one. Shows are good if you know exactly what you want and are looking for a good deal. Manufacturers are good if you have done your homework and can get to them.

Q:            As a first time buyer should I buy a new or used caravan?

A:            The guide has lots of useful information to help you make this decision.

Q:            Does the guide recommend caravan parks or places to take our caravan?

A:            No. There are many good publications already on the market that do this.